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With over 800 employees, 80 appliances and vehicles,  Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service has a duty to provide the best possible response to emergency incidents within the community of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, a population of some 1,017,697people.  We have a total of 20 fire and rescue stations – 6 of which are permanently crewed by full time Firefighters, 8 of which are crewed jointly by both full time and on call Firefighters and a further 6, which are crewed solely on an on call basis. All of this is supported by a team of professionals from ICT specialists to Human Resources and Occupational Health.

"Thank you for your interest in working for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. I believe that our Fire and Rescue Service is a great place to work and that we offer tremendous job opportunities.

We rely on our employees - their enthusiasm, their talent and their commitment - to maintain and build on the success of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, even more so in today's financial environment. We depend on our employees to deliver excellent service to the community and as such we aim to attract, develop and retain the best people we possibly can. We want to ensure that the working environments we create are inclusive and we promote diversity in our workforce as an asset, helping us better understand and meet the needs of the very diverse communities in which we serve.

There is no doubt that we are entering a phase in the life of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service that will be both interesting and challenging. We have a great foundation to build on and if you want to part of a successful and employee centred fire and rescue service then look no further."

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Rick Taylor, Chief Fire and Rescue Officer, CEO



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